About Measure Q

Vote YES on Measure Q to retain high-quality teachers and maintain outstanding academic programs in science, technology, math and arts at Union School District, so our students are prepared to compete in the 21st-century economy.

Strong academic programs and excellent teachers rank our elementary and middle schools among the top in the State. Our top-notch schools attract families to our community, keeping our neighborhoods desirable and property values strong.

Even as our schools and students perform at a high level the State continues to be an unreliable partner, leaving our District as one of the lowest funded in the county and state.

Our global economy has higher standards than ever before, and students need a strong academic foundation that prepares them to compete and succeed. That is why Measure Q is so important.

Measure Q provides locally controlled funding to protect our schools from educational cuts and helps retain quality teachers, so our students have the best access to education possible.

Yes on Q: Protect our Neighborhood Schools

  • Maintain strong academic programs in science, technology, reading, writing and math
  • Attract and retain highly-qualified teachers
  • Support programs in art, physical education and music for a well-rounded education
  • Provide teacher and staff training to support student learning

YES on Q: For Local Control

  • Every penny stays in our neighborhood schools and cannot be taken by the State
  • Annual audits and citizen oversight are required
  • No funds can be used for administrators’ salaries
  • Senior citizen homeowners continue to be eligible for an exemption
  • Measure Q expires in 6 years and cannot be renewed without voter approval

Our excellent elementary and middle schools are a source of community pride.

Vote YES on Q and protect quality education in our neighborhood schools.