Frequently Asked Questions

The Committee for Quality Schools in Union School District 2020—Yes on Q

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Union School District schools doing?

Union School District (USD) annually ranks as one of the top-performing districts in the State. Due to its award-winning teachers and innovative, student-centered environment, the District serves as a model for 21st century teaching and learning. The District’s high-quality elementary and middle schools continue to attract families to our community and keep our property values strong.

Why do we need Measure Q?

Despite being a top-performing District, the State has not been a stable funding partner. The District is facing a $3.7 million-dollar budget deficit over the next three years, due in part to the lack of funding from the State. USD has already taken steps to lower expenses and increase efficiencies, all without impacting the high-quality of education our students deserve, and our community expects.

Measure Q will provide an additional, stable source of local revenue to help protect core academic programs and continue to attract and retain highly qualified teachers.

What is Measure Q and how does it help our neighborhood schools?

Measure Q is a locally controlled funding measure to help USD retain high-quality teachers and maintain outstanding academic programs in science, technology, math and arts, so our students are prepared to compete in the 21st century economy.

Measure Q will generate an estimated $1.9 million dollars annually for USD schools.

Specifically, what would Measure Q fund?

If approved by voters, Measure Q would:

  • Maintain outstanding core academic programs in reading and writing
  • Maintain innovative programs in science, technology and math
  • Attract and retain highly qualified teachers
  • Support quality programs in art, music and enrichment activities
  • Provide teacher and staff training to refine instruction and increase student learning

How do we know Measure Q funds will be spent as promised?

Measure Q will require strict fiscal accountability provisions:

  • All funds will stay local to support our schools
  • No money could be taken by the State
  • Independent citizens’ oversight review
  • No funds could be used for administrators’ salaries
  • Senior citizen homeowners will continue to be eligible for an exemption
  • Measure Q will expire in six years and could not be renewed without voter approval

Will all funds benefit Union schools?

Yes. All funds will be locally controlled and will benefit USD schools. No funding could be taken away by the State or used for other purposes.

How much will Measure Q cost?

Measure Q will cost homeowners $149 per parcel a year and will generate about $1.9 million annually for Union schools. Measure Q will expire in 6 years and cannot not be renewed without voter approval.

Can senior citizens receive an exemption?

Yes. Senior citizens, many of whom are on fixed incomes, are eligible for an exemption from the cost of Measure Q. Senior citizen homeowners age 65 and over may obtain an exemption by contacting the school district and completing a Senior Exemption Form.

When will I be able to vote Yes on Measure Q?

Measure Q will be on the March 3, 2020 ballot. All registered voters in Union School District will be eligible to vote on Measure Q.

What level of support will Measure Q require to pass?

Measure Q will need to be supported by 66.7% of those who vote on it in order to pass.

How can I register to vote Yes on Measure Q, or learn more about voting?

You can register to vote at To find out more about voting in this election, please contact the County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters at (866) 430-8683 or visit their website

How can I learn more about Measure Q?

Visit our website at to learn more about Measure Q.

How can I get involved with Measure Q?

To get involved and spread the word about Measure Q, visit the volunteer page of our website at to sign up.

Where can I find the January Home and School Club presentation?

You can download the presentation HERE.

Download the FAQs HERE.